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Meet Our Savvy Authors

Marissa BrunMarissa Brun (3)

With her combination of intensity and empathy, this mastermind will bring on the tough love when it comes to out-of-control spending, and show you how to spot a scam from a mile away. By teaching you how to save smart, Marissa will have you building up that bank account without having to give up all the little luxuries that make life worth living.

Pierre VasseurPierre Vasseur (4)

He may not live in a lamp, but his know-how when it comes to careers and entrepreneurship is nothing short of magical. Fueled by espresso and never seen without a pair of his signature striped socks, Pierre spends his free time playing with his dogs and dreaming up the next big thing. The best part? He won’t limit you to just three wishes.

Olivia AlmeidaOlivia Almeida (5)

Olivia is passionate and super savvy when it comes to Weight Loss, Well-Being and everything Health & Fitness related. As the ultimate coach and cheerleader, this girlboss will help you take charge of your life to drop those extra pounds and look and feel your best. Nobody understands better than Olivia that the struggle is real, but if you follow her advice, you’ll be feeling fit, fierce, and fabulous in no time.

Alex RaniaAlex Rania (2)

Questions about carbs? Beaten by burpees? Let our resident fitness czar lend you a (well- muscled) hand! Armed with a phenomenal array of fitness facts and nutrition tips, Alex will train you tirelessly toward success. And while he’s very much a man’s man, he’s not afraid to throw on an apron and get his hands dirty in the kitchen.

Jon KeskinJon Keskin (4)

Specializing in self-help and personal development without the excess incense or the irritating man-bun, this guru will push you to grow—even when it’s a little uncomfortable. Dig a bit deeper, and you’ll discover Jon's charmingly geeky scientific side as well as his astonishing talent for reciting rap lyrics.

Celina HoffmanCelina Hoffman (4)

From clueless husbands to the joys of potty training to those hormone-infused teenage years, this Rockstar has the answers when it comes to marriage and parenting. Wise, patient, and nurturing, Celina also loves indulging in her favorite pastimes of kickboxing and wine tasting. Which may just explain all that wisdom and patience.

Siobhan DeanSiobhan Dean (2)

From beauty tips to keep you looking at your best to fashion secrets that make you feel fabulous in your own skin and those all important shopping gems that keep the Dopamine levels topped up, think of Siobhan as the go-to girl that keeps you feeling good.

Lauren ClaessensLauren Claessens (4)

Whether you need guidance on a killer first date or how to tell whether you’ve met The One, this doc has the cure. Lauren's expertise comes from years of experience combined with a fresh take on love in all its sweet and spicy forms. And when she’s not on call? You’ll find her drumming with her band at gigs around town.

Tiffany KingTiffany King (2)

Your go-to person for a killer dessert or the newest “it” cocktail, this diva brings it all—except the attitude. Not only can Tiffany tell you where to find the chicest bar stools or the most unbelievable travel destinations, but she’ll also clue you in on how to find the coolest entertainment "Hot Spots" in your favorite cities.

Sophia NguyenSophia Nguyen (2)

There is something undeniably spellbinding about Sophia's way with words and how she always knows just what to say. Refreshingly, she also knows the value of silence—whether she’s listening to a friend, treating herself to one of her weekend rock-climbing adventures, or meditating over a quiet cup of tea.

Isabella MeloIsabella Melo (2)

Don't we all need a little 'Zen' in our lives? Isabella thinks so. If you are ready for a better life, enjoying more things that actually make you feel happier and relaxed, or you just want to make your home your ultimate place of serenity, Isabella is here to help you.

Meet Our Super Savvy Contributors

Helen O'KeeffeHelen O'Keeffe (1)

Helen O’Keeffe works for EZ Living Interiors, a home furnishings retailer based in Ireland and the UK. She frequently writes informative content about interiors and home living and she is committed to implementing mindful interior design in her own home.

Marcus ClarkeMarcus Clarke (1)

Marcus is the Community and Content Manager at Computer Planet creating and sharing content to their community and beyond. Computer Planet design and build custom gaming PC’s, CAD workstations and desktop computers.