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Firstly, thank you for making a decision to become a guest writer on OverSavvy.

We are truly honored that you see the value in what we offer to our readers and want to be part of our mission to help people become savvier in life. 🙂

A few guidelines

While we appreciate and welcome content from guest writers, we do however have some guidelines that need to be adhered to in order to maintain the integrity of the site and to maintain a level of congruency between the content already published and the content our readers expect to find here in the future.

Please be aware of the following before you submit your application:

  • Topics: It’s a good idea, if you haven’t done so already, to browse through this site to get yourself familiar with the topics we publish content about and what kind of articles our readers engage with most. Articles about subjects that are completely unrelated to any of our categories may be rejected.
  • Quality: Your content should have the sole intention of adding value to the lives of our readers, written naturally and NOT “Keyword Stuffed”. Articles should be a minimum of 1000 words and cover the given topic in as much detail as possible. Our editorial team reserve the right to make minor changes to the structure, wording, and grammar to maintain quality standards. We strongly recommend tools like Grammarly to ensure error-free submissions.
  • Images: To maintain the aesthetic look and feel of the site, we reserve the right to choose the final images that will be used in any post published if the image you have selected to use is deemed inadequate. All images must be licensed for use or provide the appropriate accreditation to the owner
  • Credit and Citation: We respect individual work and require that credit/reference is given to the rightful creator if part of your article is derived from their work.
  • Links and Self Promotion: We do not allow affiliate links, backlinks or any self-promotional links within the published article. You will, however, have an author box that will allow you to share your profile picture, bio, social links and a link to your website or blog for the reader to connect with you further
  • Copyright: By submitting your article to OverSavvy, you grant us copyright ownership of the post as well as making us liable to any DMCA related issues. Therefore, all articles will be meticulously checked for originality. Any article found to by copied and in breach of copyright law will be rejected and the author subsequently banned from submitting future posts.

Now that we have all the boring formalities out the way, let’s move on the exciting stuff.

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