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15 Zero Carb Diet Tips To Help You Get The Best Weight Loss Results

The Zero Carb Diet brings a new ray of hope for those who have tried every diet under the sun with no success. A combination of the ability to eat an unlimited amount of fatty meats without having to worry about counting calories is a dream come true for many, especially when you consider how much weight can be lost at the same time.

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Generally speaking, a “zero carb” diet, also referred to as a “no carb” diet, entails eating foods exclusively from the animal kingdom. As the name suggests, when you adopt this kind of diet, you will invariably have to exclude consuming foods that have virtually all traces of carbohydrates.

So what can I eat on a Zero Carb Diet?

Most long-term adherents of the no carb diet usually prefer beef as they find it more satiating of all foods from the animal kingdom. As such, this diet is very high in protein and fats and will exclude virtually all sugary foods, pasta, and bread.

Besides beef, it is permissible to eat other types of meat such as pork, lamb, sausages, poultry, and eggs. Additionally, you are allowed to consume fish and hardened cheese. Yet, you must completely shun dairy products like milk and yogurt as they contain substantial amounts of carbohydrates.

Can the body really survive without carbs and sugar?

In order for your body to carry out its functions as before with a strict limitation on carbohydrates, it will make all the sugar it needs for fuel. On the other hand, it can also find another viable source of energy.

The minute you dramatically minimize or totally do away with carbohydrates from your diet, your body will make sugar, which will then be stored as glycogen.[1]

Should you find the meat you eat to be extremely lean, the zero carb diet lets you use additional butter, tallow, lard or even ghee. You are also allowed to use spices to season your meat.

Are there really “ZERO” cards in this diet?

Ideally, the term “no carb” is not completely accurate. There will always be some little amounts of carbohydrates in some animal foods you consume like the yolk in eggs and even liver. Also, creams possess around 1g of carbohydrates per ounce.

So, it can be proper to label this diet as being a “zero plant foods” diet as you won’t be eating anything from the plant kingdom.

What are the benefits of a Zero Carb Diet?

There are many key benefits of integrating the zero carb diet into your regular eating habits. To begin with, it’s a very effective way to trigger faster weight loss compared to other methods and can easily fast track the achievement of your weight loss/management objectives.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to your overall health and well-being. This is because it can significantly lessen the risks of contracting cardiovascular conditions, particularly heart disease.[2]

A zero carb diet can also assist in treating diseases such as diabetes and even epilepsy. Therefore, you not only get to lose weight but boost your overall health and well-being through this diet.

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Here are 15 zero carb diet tips to help you get the best weight loss results.

  1. Make sure that you eat only from the animal kingdom. This can include beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, preferably grass-fed. Like it was earlier noted, fish is also permissible. So, eat fish like salmon, haddock and even trout, preferably wild-caught. Not to mention omega-3 enriched and pastured eggs. Dairy products such as cheese, heavy cream and butter are also allowed.
  2. Avoid sugars like soft drinks, fruit juices, candy, agave and ice cream.
  3. Eat sufficient fats. As previously mentioned, fats in a zero carb diet serve the role of fuel for your body. This means they will be able to furnish you will the energy your body requires to function properly.
  4. Eat nothing from the plant kingdom.
  5. When eating meats, endeavor to consume the fattest parts first.
  6. Do not utilize vegetable oil to prepare your meals.
  7. Try to avoid eating organ meats.
  8. Do not consume milk or yogurt.
  9. Cook your meats rare in order to preserve their nutrients.
  10. Do not put salt in your food or eat salted butter.
  11. You will not need any dietary supplements for the zero carb diet.
  12. The use of spices is permissible for flavoring purposes.
  13. Drink water whenever you feel thirsty. Alternatively, drink seltzer water, unsweetened tea or even unsweetened coffee. Take all the time you need to ascertain just which of these works best for you.
  14. Try your best to remain full. Consuming meats, fish, eggs and so on, will keep you satiated for longer and you will never be tempted to eat any of the restricted foods in a no carb diet.
  15. Do not worry about the calories you eat. Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel satiated.



Diet experts have always suggested that long-term weight loss requires a balance that can be maintained over a longer period of time. Most diets have many restrictions that make them harder to stick to for long enough to get the desired results, however, many have found a balance in the Zero Carb Diet that makes losing weight easier. Will this diet work for you? You’ll have to give it a try to find out, but if all else has failed, this might just be the one for you 😛


[1] Glycogen: Wikipedia
[2] The more carbs you eat, the higher the risk of heart disease:


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