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11 Workout Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss And Sabotage All Your Hard Work

Most people work out to lose weight. But did you know many common workout mistakes actually prevent weight loss? Here are 11 mistakes to avoid.

Alex Rania



Working out and exercising are meant to be beneficial. One of the most sought after benefits of working out is burning sufficient calories to lose weight. But many common workout mistakes actually prevent weight loss.

Are these 11 workout mistakes preventing you from losing weight?

1. Consuming the wrong type of foods before a workout

11 Workout Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

We all know that eating certain types of foods or supplements before a workout will boost performance and workout effectiveness. What some may not know is that the reverse is true: certain kinds of foods will diminish your workout performance and may even cause painful muscle cramps. This especially applies to foods that take longer to digest.

Such foods should not be eaten just before you hit the gym. Nuts and other fatty foods should be avoided if your intention is to burn fat.

2. Failure to recover properly after a workout

Rest is as important as the exercise itself. Failure to have adequate rest in between your workout sessions will send the wrong signals to your body.

When the body is not adequately relaxed, it will produce a stress hormone called Cortisol which will command the body to store more fat. In addition, the body will produce the hormone Ghrelin, which will elevate your appetite – something that is not ideal for someone trying to lose weight.

3. Focusing solely on cardio

11 Workout Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

The treadmill, bikes, cross trainer and rowing machines are all great ways of upping metabolism and shedding weight. However, cardio on its own will not ensure sustained weight loss. A mix of other activities like weight lifting is needed to keep that unwanted fat at bay.

4. Not getting enough sleep

7 to 9 hours of sleep promotes muscle repair, which is critical to a person in recovery after a workout. Insufficient sleep will also lower the production of the hormone Leptin, which signals fullness to the body.

5. Low-intensity workouts

Challenge your muscles with high-intensity workouts. If you are not sweating enough, you will barely achieve that lean look that you so much desire.

6. Taking too much protein after a workout

Taking protein after a workout promotes muscle repair. That much is true. However, the amount of protein you take matters. Too much protein consumed after a workout will be counter-productive.

Ideally, the right amount of protein you should take corresponds to your weight. For instance, about 20gms of protein for a 150-pound person would be okay. Another good idea is to bring along raisins, walnuts or fruits for a post workout snack.

7. Adopting an inconsistent workout schedule

Sit down at the beginning of the week and plan a challenging but realistic schedule for yourself. Exercising twice or three times a week may be good for your overall health, but if your goal is to lose weight, you need to be moving every day.

8. Failure to pay attention to form

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do every exercise. More often than not, the wrong way is the easiest but also the most ineffective and could lead to serious injury and poor results.

Essentially, the better your form, in all your workout exercises, the better results you can expect.

Your muscles will engage to their full potential when proper form is adopted, which is key to reaching your weight loss goals faster

9. Falling into the boredom plateau

Many people quickly become bored with routines when it comes to workouts. They no longer look forward to their regular exercises, and may in the process even fall off from their desired goal of losing weight.

You need to avoid this trap by creating a variety of routines that you can vary every week. This will help break the monotony and spice up your workout.

10. Failure to get adequate knowledge

The field of sports nutrition is ever changing. The best way to make the right choices regarding weight loss exercises is to keep abreast with the changing trends in this field. Make use of websites, books, and other resources that might help.

11. Skipping meals

Skipping meals and exercising has a double blow. First, you will experience decreased performance during the workout. Second, your metabolism will drop, and you will burn fewer calories –which will counter your intended plan of losing weight.


So many people start a workout programme with the intention to loose weight without realising the little things that will unknowingly work against them. Avoiding the above mistakes will make sure that you burn enough calories and that your workouts are beneficial. 

Alex Rania
Fitness Phenom & Writer at Oversavvy
Questions about carbs? Beaten by burpees? Let our resident fitness czar lend you a (well- muscled) hand! Armed with a phenomenal array of fitness facts and nutrition tips, Alex will train you tirelessly toward success. And while he’s very much a man’s man, he’s not afraid to throw on an apron and get his hands dirty in the kitchen.
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