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Becoming An Entrepreneur: 11 Signs You’re Ready To Be Your Own Boss

Becoming an entrepreneur is a scary thought for some people but for others, it’s the only way to live a fulfilling life. There are, however, certain entrepreneurial traits that lay inside many of us that indicate a budding entrepreneur is just waiting to emerge. Here are 11 signs you are an entrepreneur and are ready to be your own boss.

Pierre Vasseur



In today’s society, becoming an entrepreneur is revered. This is especially the case when successful entrepreneurs become moguls and acquire larger-than-life status. It goes without saying that we all want to be rich; in fact, wealth can be very seductive.

The hardships of entrepreneurship are best known by people who have walked the path and conquered. Let us be honest though; entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

If you are wondering whether you have the hand for business; to become your own boss, you will be delighted to know that there are certain indicators.

These signs or traits can hint to whether you have the characteristics consistent with entrepreneurship or not.

Signs You're an Entrepreneur and You're Ready to be Your Own Boss

1. You feel like you are the outsider; the odd one out

If you have grown up thinking that the status quo is not for you, this is a strong indicator of a budding entrepreneur. People who feel this way do not really settle for norms and are always looking at the bigger picture. You may feel as if you are always the odd one out, and the good news is that you may have a bone for entrepreneurship.

2. You work extra hard

When all the employees are done for the day, you may find that you are always looking to complete the work; even if it is time to go home. You go an extra mile even in tasks that do not translate to money. This trait of pushing the bar is a key signature that you can be your own boss.

3. You are introverted

Being an introvert has many times been viewed negatively. However, it does not mean that you dislike people; it simply means that you like to be alone as you gather your thoughts to think and strategize. Entrepreneurs do less talking and more thinking, and this sometimes leads to being introverted.

4. You love money; you respect money

Loving and respecting money means that you value every penny and you are good with money. You do not spend money unwisely and can budget effectively to make life better. This discipline takes people years to master. To this end, if you know the true value of money, small or big, you will respect it.

5. You fight to the death

If you are highly passionate about a cause, you will do whatever it takes to succeed. This undying spirit makes you tenacious, and you will not give up at the sign of pressure or trouble. This is not to say that you are made of stone, but it means that you are willing to give your all to see success come your way.

6. You take initiative

If you are always a person who is looking to solve problems by initiating solutions, you have a bone for entrepreneurship. Being a self-starter takes courage and faith in oneself. To this end, it really does not come naturally to many. You may find yourself taking initiative over a variety of things, not just business matters.

7. You truly have a heart for people

Caring for the plight of society is an indicator that you believe that things can be better for all people. This trait will see you become charitable and always looking to assist people. Entrepreneurship is about giving, and when you do this, you are rewarded back.

Becoming An Entrepreneur

8. You thrive on creativity

Creativity is the ability to bring innovative solutions to problems. It provides alternative solutions to problems and if you are a creative mind, know that most entrepreneurs also thrive on creativity. It has to do with thinking out of the box or using simple solutions to tackle issues.

9. You take risks without apology

If people never took risks, we would still be stuck with old problems. In light of this, if you are always keen to take the plunge, you are definitely a good candidate to become your own boss.

Risks do not always promise returns, but when you succeed, you propel forward in an outstanding manner. Being a risk taker doesn’t make you devoid of fear; fear is part of the success journey.

10. You are an avid learner in life

If you are always looking for more knowledge and insights, you have a curious spirit that is ready to learn. Entrepreneurs learn from mistakes and failures, and the lessons are a must.

If you are a learner in life, you are teachable; then you are definitely cut out for entrepreneurship. Remember, learning through the shortcomings of others is the best way forward.

11. You are flexible

If you make decisions and alter them later, the chances are that you are very flexible. The truth of the matter is that entrepreneurs are unpredictable; change is the only constant. Since a wise man changes his mind, running a business requires constant decision making, and you must be flexible enough to do what is best.


While entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone, there are some of us that have always had that burning desire from deep within us that wants more in life and knows that anything is possible.

If you are the type of person that believes you can reach the stars while everyone else around you is telling you that the sky is the limit, then there is probably a budding entrepreneur inside you just waiting to come alive.

Pierre Vasseur
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