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How To Haggle The Savvy Way: 17 Tips To Get What You Want At Bargain Prices

Learning how to haggle is an art. Some people have the ability to get bargains where others pay full price. Follow these tips to start haggling like a pro

Marissa Brun



Learning how to haggle is an art. Some people are naturally gifted and will never pay more for what they can get for less. On the other hand, some people will pay a premium price just to get the transaction over and done with.

To be honest, no one wants to pay more than they have to for anything. Thankfully, learning how to haggle will give you that edge when it comes to buying at discount prices.

If you have no idea how to haggle, this article is just for you. Applying the tips below will make you a seasoned haggler in no time.

1. Do your homework and set a fair bargain price

Haggling is not just about naming some random figure from the original price. Do some research and see what that product goes for in other shops or stalls. With this information, seek to have a fair amount of money discounted. This is a much better approach if the seller is going to listen to you.

2. Be polite and nice

Successful haggling can be mastered by those who know the power of politeness. You must be pleasant and willing to listen to the seller. Check your tone and maintain an air of politeness.

3. Never appear desperate

This is one of the most important elements of haggling. Do not show the seller that you need the product. Instead, let the seller feel as though they need you. You can do this through body language and the choice of your words.

4. Be ready to hear ‘no’

Haggling is about having a thick skin. You will probably hear more ‘no’s’ than ‘yes’. However, do not give up, you must stick to your guns until the right bargain comes to you.

5. Spot the flaws in the product

Nothing is absolutely perfect. To this end, look for some damage or flaws in the product. Then, use that to get a more discounted price. This usually works like a charm.

6. Always use cash when haggling

How to Haggle The Savvy Way: 17 Tips To Get What You Want At Bargain Prices

Sellers love cash over cards. Therefore, obtaining a really huge bargain will often require that you pay the cash. Inform the seller that you only deal with cash and this will surely get their attention.

7. There is an ideal time to haggle

At the end of the day, sellers are usually looking to get rid of their stock. This is a perfect time to haggle. Also, when things are going out of style or season, is an ideal time to put your haggling abilities to action. You will get better deals.

8. Negotiate with a person who can give you a discount

This is to say that if an employee has no power to cut prices, request for a person with the authorization to do so. You will discover that a manager or a store owner is a better negotiating partner. Do not be shy to ask for the right person in order to get a bargain.

9. You must respect the seller

Your tone must be respectful at all times. This way, you will become more likable. Some sellers will give bargains just because they like the buyer.

10. If you don’t get a bargain; ask for a token

Freebies can make you feel better; just like a good bargain. If you do not get your deal, ask for a free item or free delivery; at least get something.

11. Engage the seller

You can convince the seller that you do not have enough money to make a purchase. In this regard, they can propose something or give you a tailored deal. In this respect, be sure to make the seller aware that you are willing to buy; only that your money is not enough.

12. Stand your ground

When you are asking for a fair bargain, do not be shaken; you must stand your ground. This stance will see you walk away if the seller does not let up. This action can prompt the seller to devise a final offer which might be good for you.

13. Avoid deep emotion

How to Haggle The Savvy Way

Haggling is a light engagement that should not get the best of your emotions. You really have nothing to lose even if you do not get a bargain. In this respect, be firm but keep it light at all times.

14. Avoid talking too much

Talking too much can get you in trouble while haggling. Have episodes where you do not say anything. Appear to be giving it deep thought. This will prompt the seller to take keen interest in what you are thinking.

15. Always haggle without intimidation

Did you know that you can negotiate your hospital bill, legal fee and any other thing you want? All you have to do is be courageous and go for a good discount. Intimidation causes many people to shy away from opportunities to negotiate better prices.

16. Avoid asking the seller to give you the ‘best price’

You are the one who is supposed to know what your best price is. Otherwise, a seller will set the price for their own benefit. Know your numbers as hinted above and stick to your prices; as long as it is fair, it might work.

17. Know when not to haggle

When a seller simply will not budge, reading the mood and moving along is wise. Some unwilling sellers will stand their ground and are just not willing to entertain any bargain price offers. Do not waste time with a seller who will not see things from your view. Also, keep in mind that some stores have a no-haggling policy.


Marissa Brun
Money Maestro & Writer at OverSavvy
With her combination of intensity and empathy, this mastermind will bring on the tough love when it comes to out-of-control spending, and show you how to spot a scam from a mile away. By teaching you how to save smart, Marissa will have you building up that bank account without having to give up all the little luxuries that make life worth living.
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21 Frugal Living Tips For The Super Savvy Penny-pincher

Living a frugal life may not appeal to everyone, but if there is a penny pincher inside you, these 21 frugal living tips will make you smile

Marissa Brun



Let’s face it, living a frugal life does not appeal to everyone. Some people may not want to be caught dead reading this article, but, pressures of modern living can compel many to scale down to live a more sustainable life.

The point I’m making is that frugal living is not too bad, and everyone should try it. It comes with many benefits; the first being the ability to save money.

Secondly, you can pay off debts and even invest more as you spend less. For the penny pincher, frugal living is your dream come true. Thankfully, there are countless ways to live that simple, cheap life and still find value and joy in life.

The following tips will guarantee that you spend less and save more; at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to make their pennies go further?

living a frugal ife

1. Do not eat out; eat at home

The cost of eating out can be underestimated by those who do not do the math. You literally spend a fortune over time. Eating at home will save you money, and you will see the difference clearly. If you have to eat out, eat frugally; share meals, choose cheaper food options and do it less often.

2. Only keep clothes that you wear regularly

You will discover that your closet is full of clothes that you may have never worn. Sell them through a garage sale or something. Then, avoid buying clothes that you will not wear. In fact, buy clothing as you need them; avoid following trends and fashion fads. You will save a lot.

3. Don’t visit online shops

Online shops and malls are too convenient. It’s just too easy to spend too much time there, and to buy things you do not really need. Cut the temptation. Visit them only when you need to buy a specific item.

4. Avoid gym memberships

You do not have to pay money to lose weight or keep fit. Work out in the house or in the park using free resources. Gym memberships will cost you a pretty penny which you could be saving.

5. Don’t get sick

Eating right and keeping busy will keep you healthy. If you do not get sick, you will avoid hefty medical bills and time off work. You do have the power to choose whether you get sick or not; choose health.

6. Get around with a bike

We are used to the comfort of cars, but frugal living demands that you swap the car for your good old bike. You will save on gas and even beat the traffic jam. In addition, riding a bike will help out in your fitness endeavors.

7. Walk to your destination

If you are a true penny-pincher, walking to get to your destination is the key. The truth of the matter is that some destinations do not require cars or bikes. You spend nothing and burn calories. It does not get more frugal than this.

8. Choose a smaller house

Yes, we love our space. However, a larger home will only create more room for clutter. In addition, maintaining and cleaning a smaller home will require fewer resources. In this regard, if you are buying or renting, frugal living will require that you go with a smaller house.

9. No need for two cars; if you need a car

A family, with thoughtful planning, can manage with just one car. This will save on gas and maintenance. Some people will car pool rather than buy a car. In addition, public transport is also a good option for the penny-pincher.

10. Always buy used items

Used items are not just cheap, but they can work just as good as new items. Buy from family and friends or even used item shops. This is a sure way to save money. From clothes to electronics, you can get whatever you need.

11. Use the sun to dry your clothes

Dryers use a lot of power, and you can simply use the sun and a clothesline and get better results. All you need is some time for this. Rest assured you save big on energy bills.

12. Better yet, hand wash your clothes

If you really want to get to the heart of frugal living, there is no need for using a washing machine. A simple traditional rub with hands and soap can clean your clothes. Do this daily to avoid a huge pile of clothes.

13. Do your hair at home

You do not have to pay money to get your hair cut. In addition, even women can take advantage of gadgets that can be used to do their own hair at home. When you are living a frugal life, hair costs are simply not a priority.

14. Do away with subscriptions

Magazines, cable/satellite  TV among others are subscriptions that you can do without. These are not essentials, and your life will not be impacted negatively. In fact, you will get to enjoy more time with your family.

15. If you have to travel, travel frugally

Frugal living does not involve a whole lot of travel. However, if you have to, look for cheap deals. From cheap air tickets to discounted accommodation, all these can go a long way in saving you money.

16. Reduce the use of your cell phone

Many people are literally hooked to their smartphones. You will discover that you spend too much money for just talking or browsing social media sites. Cutting your cell phone cost will greatly help you save money. Ask yourself, Is every call really that important? and Do you really need to spend so much time on Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat?

17. Work from home

For people who are flexible, working from home is an extremely frugal thing to do. You save on work clothes, lunch money and even the hustle of getting around. A home office is just what you need to save money.

18. A deep freezer is a life saver

Cooking the bulk of your food once a week will save you big. A deep freezer will allow you to maintain the freshness of the food and plan ahead. The most expensive meal is often the last minute takeaway you order when you realize you don’t have enough time to cook or are just too hungry to wait.

19. Avoid using the dishwasher

You can clean your dishes by hand and therefore, get to it. This saves on energy bills, In fact, if you do not have a dishwasher, there is no need to buy it.

20. Do not flush every time

This may not go down well for some, but you really don’t have to flush the toilet every time you go. This will save on water bills.

21. Go for free entertainment

Play cards or go to the park with your family or friends to have a good time. We spend too much money on entertainment anyway. Living frugally doesn’t mean having a dull life; there is so much to discover.


Many people live under the impression that to save more money, they need to earn more. But the truth is, its a lot easier to find the extra cash every month just by cutting down and adopting a more frugal lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at just how much money you may be spending unnecessarily each and every month. Why not give frugal living a try and see for yourself.


Marissa Brun
Money Maestro & Writer at OverSavvy
With her combination of intensity and empathy, this mastermind will bring on the tough love when it comes to out-of-control spending, and show you how to spot a scam from a mile away. By teaching you how to save smart, Marissa will have you building up that bank account without having to give up all the little luxuries that make life worth living.
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